Central America

“A mind can make a heaven out of hell, or a hell out of heaven” – Costa Rican proverb.

Leg 1 – 1,112 miles (1,790 km) From Mexico, we cross into the vibrant melting pot of Central America. From the jungles of Belize, to the Mayan ruins and breathtaking volcanic landscape of Guatemala, we wend our way ever southward through El Salvador and into Honduras.

Leg 2 – 600 miles (966 km) Honduras is the second largest country in Central America, after Nicaragua. A vast country that spans the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea, with the undeveloped expanse of La Mosquitia in the north, and the lush and tranquil central highlands, offering incredible scenery and wildlife.

Leg 3 – 1,643 miles (2,644 km) continuing south into Nicaragua, the familiar volcanic terrain is now joined by the largest lake in Central America, along with the pearl white sandy beaches of the Caribbean coast. Coffee, surfing and an old friend await us in Costa Rica before we arrive in Panama and prepare our vehicle to be transported around the notorious and inhospitable Darien Gap!

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