North America

“To survive the Canadian winter, one needs a body of brass, eyes of glass, and blood made of brandy.” ― Louis Armand de Lom d’Arce Lahontan

LEG 1 – 10,268 miles (16,525 km) our shipping container arrives in Halifax, NS and we head confidently across the vastness of Canada before passing into Alaska and make for Prudhoe Bay, our official start of the Pan American Highway Expedition. Then it’s south all the way, back down through Canada and arriving on America’s doorstep at Peace Arch Park, Seattle WA.

LEG 2 – 8,702 miles (14,004 km) from Sea to Shining Sea! From San Francisco to New York and everything in between. Death Valley to Utah, across the great plains to the Michigan lakes and winding our way back around through the land of the Delta Blues, Louisiana, Texas and the rest, finishing up in San Diego, ready for the next adventure across the border into Mexico!

LEG 3 – 3,133 miles (5,042 km) were Baja bound! from the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of California to the volcanic mountains of the Sierra Madre! From Chihuahua and the central highlands to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, our Mexican adventure will end on the border with the tiny country of Belize.

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